Thursday, May 29, 2014

Taxi Ride

Willow needs a ride and sees a taxi that will get here where she needs to go. She doesn't have the money to pay for the trip and decides to try to make a deal with Logan the taxi driver. Logan takes her up on her offer and gives her one hell of a ride.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fight for his Life

I will have his soul for this betrayal. You can not save him, as I know that you will try even after he has imprisoned us. I do not understand you sister, how you can still fight for these pathetic humans. We are clearly so much more than they will ever learn to be. There will no longer exists, long extinct and we shall still live on and strive as we have always done.

You will never see what I see in them, sister, for your darkness and greed have taken that ability to see the good and warmth that is within them. I forgive him for chaining us, and through my understanding he will release us. You will not have his soul this day, sister. I shall always fight for them, against even you.

Willow breaks free and managed to capture G-mo, secures him to the stone alter and intends to remove his soul for him. Candy manages to get there in the time and defeat her, saving him and his soul from her sister.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A mermaids gift Staring Baelfire Odimus as the sailor, Kittinda Henhouse as the pink mermaid, and Willow Onskan as the purple mermaid.

Seeing the sweet enticement of the Mermaid Siren Bae was unable to stay in place and ignore her. She took full advantage of his intrigue and pulled him in for a tempting kiss. Luring him to a watery demise.

 Pulling him down further beneath the ocean to her lair to be able to capture him for her own. He was unable to breath till she encased him within a bubble of air.

As he floated down below the surface he was able to see the lovely sea creatures that most were never able to see. A mermaid riding a sting ray.

Yet another riding along on a small killer whale. Never in his life did he think that he would ever have been able to see such things. Only having dream of such things, that might be.

Another with her water dancing through a enormous underwater temple. He was stunned and speechless as to what to think of all of this.

After a time of showing him the marvels of her world, she returned him to his. Without a word having been said between them.

She lay her head on a rock and cried for the lose of one that she had wanted. Knowing that he would take his gift of her world on to others and in doing so hopefully save their futures in return.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here are some pics and slurl's for some really nice sims in SL to not only be able to do shoots at for those that do on location shoots, but also for just some all around fun as well. These are adult sims, so you are able to do your adult shoots there as well.

The first one is named  Sexual pleasures and this is the slurl for it as well:


Here are the pics to go along with it. I didn't do any kind of winlighting or editing to it so that you will be able to see the real areas. These places look awesome with winlighting though.

Here is the next one named Sure & shag Resort and the slurl is :


With the pics from the sim as well.

Here is the next one named  Eros and Eris -The Garden and the Temple of Love and the slurl is :


The pics are as follows.

Here is the next one named   Persephone Lovers Island Resort and the slurl is :


The pics of this location are as follows.

 Here is the final one for this month, named Black Bull City Bullhouse Intrracial Playground the slurl is : 


Here are the pics for that sim. It is still being added to, but a really cool place to hang out in.